jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Norrbo year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

For a guy just arriving home from a dream date with a two-bolter (Alicia to the right), Daniel Mattsson is quite obsessed with his zero-bolt lover Jill.

Daniel is maxing his body skill.

And he’s taking Alicia on another date.

He’s surprising both her, and himself, by bringing out a black velvet box.

And while Alicia tries to get over the surprise of being proposed to, Daniel pretends like it’s raining.

Later that night, Daniel and Alicia are celebrating with a couple of friends of hers at Mattsmyra Sockenkyrka. They’re hoping to see the ghosts too.

Thanks to his new friend Lemmy (the blond guy above), Daniel gets promoted to All star, and is happy about it.

He’s also happy about getting Alicia into his bed.

So happy that he’s actually asking her to marry him, there and then.

Alicia says “I do” and moves in with 18.000 §.

Daniel gets promoted to MVP, but is upset about the robbery he had to go through years ago.

Alicia gets a job as an Executive Assistant, but is hoping for a quick climb up the ladder. And thereby round 10 at Norrbo ends.

Norrbo after round 10:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia (Cegerblad) Mattsson

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