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Österås year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

We’re trying to spice up the lives of the most boring gay couple in the history of the universe. Nero Montell and Maximilian Johansson are taking turns at the telescope at night.

They are also taking turns at the phone, building relations to other hotties than each other.

And finally, there is a special rule for “Try for baby”. 

Since both Maximilian and Nero are Romance, they would have to try for baby if a roll of two dice shows 1-1. Now since they are gay, 1-1 means that I do another roll. If the second roll is a pair too (any pair), the couple will order an adoption.

The “hottie contacts” resulted in a new flame in the half forgotten relationship between Maximilian and Boris Liljeroth.

And they end up in bed. It’s the first time Maximilian is unfaithful to Nero.

Nero becomes a Sous Chef, and brings an unhot friend home from work.

And Maximilian is promoted to Prep Cook.

And when Nero and Maximilian are  performing their daily act of woohoo, Boris is on the lot, invited by Nero, who doesn’t have anything more than a friendly relationship with him.
Boris gets terribly upset by Maximilian’s unfaithfulness to him. 
“Can anybody please explain what’s going on?!” Nero shouts.

Österås after round 10:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell

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