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Tallåsen year 36-39, Monday to Thursday

Orlando Ceder taught his daughter Sofie to walk, and they are both happy about it.

Maria has a difficult pregnancy, and falls asleep in her food. She’s too tired to eat and too hungry to sleep.

Time for Sofie’s birthday! Time to start school and bully the other kids (1 nice, remember?)

Here we go again. Maria goes into labour at 3.45 Wednesday morning.

And on the 14th of April ’38, a brown-eyed baby girl is born – Lena, common name no 17.

Sofie learns to study in no time, and spends the evening talking to Orlando’s colleague.

Lena becomes a toddler, looking like a clone of her sister. And that's the end of the excitement at Tallåsen

Tallåsen after round 10:
Maria Ceder
Orlando Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Lena Ceder

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