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Mattsgården year 40-42, Friday to Sunday

Round 11 at Mattsgården starts with another promotion for Dan Mattsson, to State Assemblyperson.

And Lena gets promoted to Assistant Coach.

Elisabeth becomes a toddler in her father Loke’s arms, after three birthday cakes. She’s an Aries with 1 nice. Sofie Ceder will have to look up in school, she’ll not be the only bully there.

Emilia plays darts with her friend Christine Matsson (With 1 ‘t’, they’re not related). Barbara is very pregnant again. Hope it’s a boy this time, to pass the Mattsson name on for next generation on Mattsgården. 

Elisabeth learns to walk in the middle of the night. Lucky that she has her own light on.

“Say Daddy!”
Elisabeth learns fast. Now she knows all the toddler skills, and can start with knowledge skills.

Lena gets promoted to coach. The pool car looks really cool nowadays.

It’s Emilia’s birthday, she’s going to be a teen! “Happy birthday, Emilia!” shouts Stella, Daniel, Thea, Linn Renberg and Magnus Berg.

And she becomes a teen, with a dreadful Romance aspiration and an attitude. At least the look of an attitude. But her highest wish is still to get good grades.

And the round ends with the new baby coming

It’s a boy, born on the 12th of December ‘42! Meet Common name no 88 – Georg!

I thought it would be enough with one Georg in Mattsmyra, but apparently not. He’s got his father’s colours, like his sisters, and he will be the heir to Mattsgården, if nothing unexpected happens.

Mattsgården after round 11:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Emilia Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Georg Mattsson

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