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Myren - Monday to Friday

Myren, Monday-Friday
Berit Myhr got pregnant with her daughter Lena at an early age. The father was never a part of her life, he came to Mattsmyra with a navy visit from abroad, and disappeared as quickly. Today she hardly remembers his name, and even less what he looked like. 

Her grandson Evert was conceived in a similar fashion. Lena was in London for a holiday trip, and realized when she returned home that she was pregnant. The phone call to the becoming father was as expensive as it was futile. Evert never met his father, and neither him nor Lena are missing him the slightest. The small family is living together in harmony, and will probably continue in that fashion, until Evert finds someone to share his life with.

Berit started to spend time with Hugo Berg recently, and finds him being a fantastic man. He’s handsome, easy to talk to, and the connection between the two is so strong that it’s almost electrical. Could it be possible that Berit will experience passion another time in her life?

Evert is a young man with a sense for business. He wants to be an entrepreneur. He wants to start small and has set up a small design shop at home. Later on he’ll expand into arts too.
Unfortunately there’s an incident already the first evening, when someone is kicking the flamingo’s over. Grandma’s friend Hugo is there to comfort Evert. ”You’ve got the right attitude to succeed in this business, boy. Don’t let a single backlash prevent you from living your dream!” ”Thank you Mr Berg, I’ll remember that”.

Berit puts in her big charms on Hugo, it seems to be working fine.

And in the meantime Lena got a very good connection with Dan Mattsson. Veeery good connection… 

Look at that! Berit and Hugo really found each other.

At work Berit is less successful. She gets fired for not taking over the kitchen when the food critic arrives. Since that was due to a chance card, jungfrun68 won’t loose any points, yihoo!

Inhabitants at Myren after round 1:
Berit Myhr
Lena Myhr
Evert Myhr
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