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Korskrogen year 40-42, Adoption disaster

On the 17th of October ’40, after 1½ years fighting, Max Johansson comes back to the family, adopted by his uncle Daniel and aunt Sofie, who are now his legal parents and guardians. 
He needs to start over in elementary school, to catch up what he lost before, but hopefully he’ll be better off now.

“At last you’re here, my boy!” Daniel exclaims
“Oh, Uncle Dan…! I mean… Dad!”
“Off to school now, I'll drive you!”

“You are such a bunch of losers!” the Social Lady says, returning already the same afternoon.
“You didn’t even give us a chance! He had grade 1 when he arrived this morning, and he has grade 1 this afternoon, what am I supposed to do?!” Daniel replies. “We didn’t even have the chance to do homework with him for one day, and you take him back!”
(Isn’t usually an adopted child automatically a grade 3 when they arrive from social services?!)

And there he goes again.
“Fun to ride in this blue van, can we go to my other relatives now?”

Sofie didn’t even have the chance to meet her adoptive son before he was gone again. Feels like this is some kind of a bug…

Livia is on new hunting grounds and falls in love with Edward Djärv

Daniel feels like a failure after the disaster with the adoption of Max. He also feels very lonely, him and Sofie are working on their respective careers and are not talking to each other a lot anymore. 
Daniel invites his old friend Maja, and finds that there is a strong attraction between them. Maja is attentive to Daniel’s needs in a totally different way than Sofie.

And in the heat of the hottub, Daniel and Maja are falling in love with each other.

On a crazy impulse Daniel asks Maja to move in, and she accepts! Livia is stunned, and can only watch the scene with a dropped jaw.
Maja brings 18.000 § and, most probably, a lot of complications!

They spend some time together in bed…

…while Livia is trying to burn the house down.

In the evening she invites Ricky over. He brings a friend, who turns out to be no one less than her other lover Tobias Mattsson. This can be interesting. She does want to woohoo, who should she pick?!

She chose Tobias, this time. That would have been my choice too.

Livia gets promoted to Starter, and invites Robin Logren for some woohoo. And thereby the weekend is over.

Korskrogen after round 11:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson
Maja Benett

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