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Roteberg year 40-42, Anticipating College

The three inhabitants of Roteberg are behaving after their personalities. Mom and Dad, very immature elders, are having a pillow fight, while serious teen Ingeborg is reading a book.

Kim and Magnus then decides to retire from their jobs of being Professional Party Guests, and Ingeborg heads off to school.

After school she invites Jerry Wern to a date. He’s not especially hot, but no one else is either, so why not.

The date ends well, and Ingeborg is in a good mood when Jerry is leaving. A Friday night well spent slow dancing. And Miss Wrinklebottom let them be.

And the rest of the weekend Ingeborg works on her homework and skills, to prepare for college.

And takes Jerry on another date. It was a great date, but no dream date.

Roteberg after round 11:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Ingeborg Berg

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