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Letsbo year 40-42, Wedding bells

Round 11 starts with Georg Lind returning from college with a Summa Cum Laude and a Phychology diploma. He’s now prepared to start his own life, and wants a career in the Law Enforcement, some woohoo and a baby.

Will this family man be able to live together with his Romance mother Melissa, or will they have to take different routes?

Georg’s career starts right off with him accepting a job as Vice Squad, starting already the same day.

Melissa gets promoted to coach, and the garden is prepared for a wedding…

The wedding party starts. The bride to be is present. That’s a good sign.

But… There is no interaction possible for her to get married to Georg, and none for her to move in, and the wedding arc cannot be used. 

Why, why, why?! 

Is there some special rules in Uni that makes those interactions unavailable as long as she’s in college? How are the sims supposed to share their lives with loves from Uni in that case?

Maybe it’s to be considered cheating, but I say that it’s a beginner’s mistake. Allegra was playable in Uni, in another house, so I ultraspeeded through her Uni years and moved her back to Mattsmyra. What I should have done is probably to ask her to move in already in Uni. 
Anyway, since Georg and Allegra actually were engaged before leaving Uni, I consider this only stretching the rules, due to inexperience.
Unfortunately I had to sacrifice her room mates in the process. They graduated and got deleted. Poor them.

Allegra says “I do!” and moves in with 1.375 §. So, my cheating didn’t give me a lot of cash, I’m happy for not having that problem to solve.

Both Allegra and Georg wished for a child, so they couldn’t even wait until the wedding party was over. And – the lullaby was heard – this is generation 3!

And the wedding trip

The first day back to work after the wedding, Georg gets promoted to Detective. Way to go Georg!

Letsbo after round 11:
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind
Allegra (Gast) Lind

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