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Lottefors year 40-42, Chaos and poverty

Life as a six-child-father in a house with four beds and one shower is not always fun for Jesper Montell. 

They did find a few coins in the bottom of a barrel, to buy a public shower though, so the worst hygienic problem is solved. The problem with too few sleeping spots is not solved however.

Anyhow, it’s the twins’ birthday. Sebastian goes first. All friends and relatives are present. It’s a big party!

And Sebastian looks all handsome in his white tuxedo.

While Malva looks like she’s wearing a pyjamas.

After the party Simon is leaving for Uni, with a scholarship for his good grades. One mouth less to feed in the Montell household.

But chaos is prevailing. Sebastian drinks spoilt milk.

Malva is actually doing something useful, working on her charismatic skills.

Martin fell asleep on the couch.

Anna actually found a bed to sleep in, while Barbro is reading the newspaper in the bathroom.

Chaos continues. The family funds have hit rock bottom, and the maid Lucy Hanby is quitting, taking one of the decorative vases with her. So now the family has to clean by themselves.

And as a final, the family catches the flu again, on Anna’s birthday party. It’s Stefan Meckare at the bottom of the picture who is the source.

Despite everything, Anna is growing up well to a sporty teen with a Pleasure ambition. She turns on from perfume and vampires, but turns off from make-up.

Lottefors after round 11:
Inger Montell
Jesper Montell
Barbro Montell
Anna Montell
Martin Montell
Sebastian Montell
Malva Montell

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