jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Hamre year 40-42, Kicked trash can

Tobias Mattsson is cleaning at his trash can, again. He’s got another enemy now, Ricky didn’t like that Livia chose Tobias instead of him.
The paper girl is here, too. That’s evidence that the paper gets delivered, but Tobias never sees it before it’s stolen.

Ricky’s here again…. Earlier he passed by and stole the newspaper…

Tobias gets promoted to Assistant Coach, and please note, both the trash can and the newspaper are untouched today!

Some classical hottub woohoo with Carla Hovlund

And the trash can gets kicked over by Konrad Platz. I didn’t even know Tobias did something to him.

Hamre after round 11:
Tobias Mattsson

Tags: hamre

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