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Tallåsen year 40-42, Sweet Girls

“Hi, Dad! Guess what?! I got a 5 average report card!” Sofie Ceder says, while hugging her father Orlando, who’s coming from work.
“Great, Sofie! You’re a clever girl!”

“I feel bad” Maria thinks. “I think I’m pregnant again. Why, why, why did I have to become a Family sim? And marry one, too? All I want is a golden anniversary, not a bunch of evil kids!”

The evil kid Sofie is hiding her personality very well. I haven’t seen her do one un-nice thing ever. Here she’s hugging Martin Montell, her best friend. 
They are sweet together, but boring for breeding, with the same skin tone and the same eye colour. Well, we’ll see what the future brings.

“Mommy!” Sofie exclaims, and hugs Maria. She’s really cuddly and sweet for being evil.

It’s Lena’s birthday, and the family is all happy.

And Lena is super happy, and very cute. And thereby we leave the haven of sweet girls until next time.

Tallåsen after round 11:
Maria Ceder
Orlando Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Lena Ceder

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