jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Cristopher Bardh - Deceased

Cristopher is a dormie, and was moved in to live with Thea Mattsson as a second generation adult. He's got blond hair and light blue eyes with a very light skin tone.
His aspiration is Romance/Grilled Cheese and his LTW is to Woohoo 20 different sims - Acheived at age 65. His new LTW is to become a Professional Party Guest.  His turn-ons are hats and black hair, turn off is brown hair.

Birthday: 6th November '16
Died: 18th September '99

Badges: Gardening Bronze
Height: 86=200cm=1.1

College Major: Philosophy
Preferred Hobby: Arts & Crafts

Spouse: Thea Mattsson, Annika Lind
Children: Simon Bardh, third generation
Noel Bardh, third generation
Jörgen Johansson, third generation (Vera Johansson mother)

Talent points:
Cooking 7
Mechanical 3
Charisma 6
Body 5
Logic 6
Creativity 10
Cleaning 7

His sign is Libra and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 2
Outgoing: 8
Active: 2
Playful: 6
Nice: 7

Cristopher is a Romance sim               Cristopher likes Arts & Crafts
Tags: individuals

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