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Öljung year 40-42, Starting a family


The first thing Thea Mattsson does when moving in to Öljung, is inviting her college sweetheart, Cristopher Bardh, for some woohoo.

No time for things like this in college, so they are making up for it now.

Cristopher is also moving in and growing up, bringing 16.000 §.

The Montells are visiting, but Cristopher is sending them home, since they are coughing and are generally sick.

Thea is offered a job as an Executive, and she accepts. Her education is paying off already.

Thea’s adult life is certainly off for a rocket start. A baby is coming, too!

Cristopher recognizes his responsibility as a Father-to-be and asks Thea to marry him. She accepts. Better hurry to get married before he has the time to develop a fear for marriage…

And they get married in a small ceremony in the kitchen, while Thea’s car pool is waiting outside.

Thea pops while arriving home from work. She really looks like she’s looking forward to this, doesn’t she?

Another pop, and a new haircut. Thea looked too much like her sister Stella, I could hardly tell them apart.

Öljung after round 11:
Thea (Mattsson) Bardh
Cristopher Bardh

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