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Storfallet year 42, In the background

College friends Britta Persson and Konrad Platz didn’t hook up with any of the Mattsmyra youngsters while in college but after graduation they still decided to move back to Mattsmyra on their own behalf. 
They bought a house together, despite the fact that they are not romantically interested in each other. Britta has a three-bolt attraction to townie Robin Logren. Konrad isn’t very much interested in settling down at all.
The house is called Storfallet – Big Falls, but there is no water on the premises.

Konrad goes bowling with his best friend Georg Lind and some other people. Allegra, Georg’s wife, is fantastically hot, even though she’s pregnant.

Ouch! This was not good!! Georg apparently never forgot that he was in love with Thea before. He now kissed her, or flirted with her, I cannot tell which, because I didn’t see it. But Allegra did! 
Georg, how could you do such a thing to your pregnant wife?! And to your late, nowadays married, girl-friend, who is also pregnant?! You stupid man! And Thea suddenly remember her love for Georg, too. This will be really complicated! 

“You pig!! How could you do this to me?!” Allegra is furious.
“What? I just kissed her a bit…” Georg feels innocent.
Thea just smiles stupidly.
And this is supposed to be Konrad’s story. He just faded into the background because of this scene.

“Did you see that? He just totally cheated on his pregnant wife, right before her very eyes!”
“I know! People are crazy these days, this would never have happened in our time”
“Absolutely not, at least we waited until the spouse was at work or something”
The random audience got something to talk about for hours.

Konrad invites the gang to go home with him. The pregnant ladies are occupying the couch.
“I resent you for flirting with my husband” Allegra says.
“What do you mean? He was actually flirting with me” Thea answers. “And besides, I should be resenting you. He deserted me for you in college, remember? But I’m not holding a grudge against you because of that. Let it go!”

Storfallet after round 11:
Britta Persson
Konrad Platz

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