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Myren, year 43-46, Transitions

Evert Myhr is growing up well to be an elder. He’s far, far away from his LTW of owning 5 level 10 businesses, but his one family business is shifting between 5-6 at least. My first CAS teen to grow up to be an elder! Time flies.

Time for Agnes’ birthday. Such a cute picture!

Then – a head master visit. It was quite a close call, but both Agnes and Rolf were accepted at the private school, probably thanks to Rolf's 8 charisma points.

Marita gets a promotion to Bank Robber.
And the next day – Cat Burgler. The career suddenly took off!

Rolf is having this terrible LTW of wishing for 50 dream dates. He asked Ingeborg Berg out, and they seem to like each other a lot. Maybe it would be enough to dream date her 50 times. Deadly boring, but maybe possible.

They are having dinner. Ingeborg wants a dessert. The date was OK, but no dream date.

Myren after round 12:
Evert Myhr
Marita Myhr
Rolf Myhr
Agnes Myhr

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