jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Caroline Johansson

Caroline was born as generation 2, daughter of Livia Johansson and Robin Logren. She's got brown hair and dark blue eyes with a  light skin tone. Her aspiration was changed in college from Pleasure to Romance/Pleasure and her LTW was changed from 50 1st dates to 20 simultaneous lovers. - acheived. Now she wants 50 1st dates
She turns on from formal wear and full face make-up, but turns off from make-up

Birthday: March 23rd '46
Siblings: Max Johansson (half-brother)

Badges: Gardening Silver
College Major: Art - MCL

Spouse: Noel Bardh
Children: Alexander Johansson, fourth generation
Maja Johansson, fourth generation

Preferred Hobby: Fitness

Talent points:
Cooking 6
Mechanical 4
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 10
Creativity 10
Cleaning 5

Her sign is Aries and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 6
Outgoing: 10
Active: 9
Playful: 6
Nice: 4

Caroline is tired                      Caroline is charismatic                            Caroline has her father's eyes

Caroline is tired again           Caroline is a Romancer

Tags: individuals

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