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Korskrogen year 43-46, Baby Boom


Livia doesn’t feel so good. Every morning she is throwing up…

And Maja is gaining weight

Sofie’s period is overdue. She starts to suspect she’s pregnant.

Maja also ordered an adoption. It’s not more than fair that Max gets another try in this house. 

Daniel gets a promotion to Specialist. The extra money will certainly be needed, for an add-on to the house, which is growing too small again.

Yes, folks, Livia is pregnant.

Yes, folks, Sofie is pregnant.

Max is back! It’s the 10th of October ’44.

Look at this! While one Social Lady is delivering Max, the other is coming to take him back.

Since the game was cheating me, AGAIN, I decided to cheat back. I killed off the social workers, and, all by himself, Max had a 3 average report card. 

Better drive him to school now! One downside of all these adoptions is that Max is not called Johansson anymore, but Benett. But that’s OK, then I won’t be able to claim him for keeping the family name, and have a fight with my conscience if that would be against the rules or not..

Anyhow, Max will soon have three little brothers or sisters, even though they will not be registred as such. 
Three pregnant women at the same time! 

Just too bad Daniel has not succeeded in getting abducted at the same time, that would have been great!

Shoo-flee! Baby no 1 is arriving!

A baby girl is born on the 9th of June ’45. She is a spitting image of her mother, and gets Common name no 51: Åsa. 1p!

Shoo-flee! Baby no 2 on the way!

A tired baby girl is born on the 23rd of March ‘46, with the hair colour of her father. She gets Common name no 63: Caroline.

Shoo-flee!! Baby no 3 makes an appearence

It’s another, very alert girl, who looks exactly like her mother. Born on the 6th of May ’46. She gets Popular name no 58 – Stina. Three girls born in a time span of 7 months (hours), it’s incredible!

And the round ends with Max’ biological mother, Livia, is helping him with his homework. What happened? Has Livia finally calmed down? Will Max be able to finish elementary school without being taken by the Social services? Will this dysfunctional family be able to raise three baby girls to happy toddlers? Ansewrs will be provided in the next update of Korskrogen Madhouse.

Korskrogen after round 12:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson (Daniel's wife)
Livia Johansson (Daniel's sister)
Maja Benett (Daniel's mistress)
Max Benett (Maja's adoptive, Livia's biological, son)
Åsa Benett (daughter of Maja and Daniel)
Caroline Johansson (daughter of Livia and Robin Logren)
Stina Johansson (daughter of Sofie and Daniel)

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