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Roteberg year 43-46, Pursuing a Dream

Susanne Berg is back in her father’s house, with a diploma in Philosophy. She is now trying to find a job in the Culinary field, since her LTW is to become a Celebrity chef.
She does find a job as a Prep Cook, and is already well under way!

Kim and Ingeborg are greeting the Headmaster Mr Walter, of the private school. It’s Ingeborg’s last schoolyear before Uni that could be spent in Private School.

Susanne is cooking pork chops for the Headmaster, and a townie neighbour named George Silfver. Seems they like her cooking. Mr Walter liked it well enough to grant Ingeborg access to the Private school.

Ingeborg leaves for Uni. She got scholarships for her good grades and her artistic talent.

Susanne is promoted to Sous Chef, and will start working evenings. When she's off work, she's studying hard to be able to reach the top as soon as possible

Roteberg after round 12:
Magnus Berg
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg

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