jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Annika Lind

Annika was born as generation 3, daughter of Allegra (Gast) Lind and Georg Lind. She's got brown hair and grey eyes with a  light skin tone. Her aspiration is Romance/Knowledge and her LTW is to become Hall of Famer. Acheived. Her new LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef.  Her turn-ons are blond fat people and turn-off is brown hair.

Badges: Gardening Gold
Height: 58=180 cm=1.03

Birthday: December 5th '44
Siblings: David Lind

College Major - Drama MCL
Preferred Hobby: Nature

Spouse: Simon Bardh, Cristopher Bardh
Children: Cecilia Lind, fourth generation

Talent points:
Cooking 8
Mechanical 7
Charisma 10
Body 10
Logic 9
Creativity 10
Cleaning 6

Her sign is Sagittarius and personality points are as follows:

Neat: 5
Outgoing: 3
Active: 9
Playful: 10
Nice: 7

Third generation!                          Collecting Charisma

Annika has a long chin                       Growing into her features                Annika cut her hair
Tags: individuals

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