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Färila year 43-46, New Beginnings


Lotta Hartwig comes home from school with an A+ report card. Unfortunately her mother Ida is asleep and cannot share her joy.

Leif, being a Popularity sim with a Fortune wish of owning five top businesses, bought a community lot called Lilla Lokalen (The small place). He read at a Yahoo Group about Prosperity, that the best business to start with is a Gamer venue.
Now he’s here checking out the place. The family fortune is not big enough to buy anything yet.

Before Leif even opens the place, his grand-father Dan Mattsson is paying him a visit. Leif’s idea is to make like a dorm leisure area out of the place, for those who are too young to go to Uni, or older people who wishes to remember how it was.
At the moment, there is nothing but a very worn couch, a coffee machine and a speaker.
“Yeah, I’m expecting to meet a lot of people while running this place!” Leif explains to his grand-father.

Ida becomes an elder. “Hey, my Mom’s black hair disappeared!” Lotta is amazed.

After his father’s promotion to Cat Burglar, Leif got the money to start his venue with the absolute essentials: A bathroom (behind the room), a dart board, a poker table, a chess board, and a grill. Let the money start to roll in!


At home base, Lotta becomes a teen. She gets the dreadful Romance aspiration. What is wrong with my die?! Her turn ons are athletes and facial paint. Turn off is grey hair. Her LTW is to become a celebrity chef.


Leif is happy with his business. He earned a bronze badge in sales, and he’s able to have fun while working. This must be the perfect business for a Popularity sim!
“Yeah, it’s great for meeting new people” Says Susanne Berg, another Popularity sim, paying 5§ an hour to play poker.


Leif is leaving for Uni in the year ’46, with his pyjamas on. He got scholarships for charisma, logic and grades. Way to go!


Ida gets promoted, for the first time ever, I think! At the age of 56, she finally makes it to Paramedic. She’s got the skills to be Surgeon, at least in Logic. Well, this must be a record in holding a job without getting a promotion, even though she got the skills for it.
After checking, she got the Medical Technician job at age 28. And 28 years more to get a promotion!


Lotta certainly grew up to a stunning young woman. Her almond shaped eyes are really perfect! She will be a real heart breaker in the future!

Färila after round 12:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Lotta Hartwig

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