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SimLand University, year 43-46

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Aug. 31st, 2008 | 10:14 am

Phew! This was a tough job to upload. LiveJournal changed the way posting pictures works, and makes all the pictures end upp at the top of the document. Sometimes. And sometimes it's put at the end where you want it. Maybe I'll get a hang of it, but at the moment I'm very frustrated!

Well - here we go - year 43 in College


Simon asked Linn Matsson (with one ‘t’) to apply for membership in the Lambda-Omega club, and is now asking her to write his semester paper.


After the finals Simon is changing his Major to Biology, since he’s now aiming for a career in medicin. He changed his aspiration to Knowledge


He also changes his appearance to fit with the “Doctor Montell” title, instead of “Don Simon”. He’s behind his class mates in body skill, so his working out as soon as he gets a chance now.


And Linn is writing his paper, so he’s got the time to work out.


Tessa is graduating with a diplonma in Biology, average 4,4. She’s having her graduation party and then she’ll be moving back to Mattsmyra.
Christel is finishing her third year in Drama with 5,0 average, while Simon is finishing his third year in Biology with an 4,8 average.

Just a sweet karaoke picture of Tessa Ramirez and Elmer Tång before we leave.
Year ‘44

Ingeborg Berg arrives to her dorm in company with her father Magnus. She wasn’t allowed to move to the others of Mattsmyra, since they started a Greek House.


Jerry Wern is arriving too, on Ingeborg’s request.


Ingeborg, being the Romance sim she is, starts flirting with Jerry, and they are immediately falling in love, despite a zero bolt attraction.


Ingeborg applies to join Rynkbaksvägen 80, the Mattsmyra Greek House. Simon Montell and Christel Garpheden is arriving to check her out. After a few hours of chatting with them, she is accepted as a member


She is then moving in to the Greek House. Simon welcomes her. If he had been a Romance Sim still, we could have had a perfect match here, but now they have a crossed-out bolt, and are friends only.


Christel serenades Jonas Carlzon, one of her two-bolters. Barbara Mattsson of Mattsgården is visiting too.

Ingeborg finished her first semester with the highest grades, and is a top student!

Simon is now starting his very last semester of Biology. Then he’ll move back to Lottefors and start his own family, in due time.

This woman, Carita Rosén, might be Simon’s future wife. She’s obviously a fake blond, check out her brown eyebrows!

The three residents at Rynkbaksvägen 80, are spending the night hours studying together. It’s the last semester for Simon and Christel, and the end of the first year for Ingeborg.


Right before the final exams, Christel invites Jonas over, and they fall in love. She will spend her life with him, that’s for sure!


Simon is throwing his graduation party. Carita is there, and a lot of other friends too. Christel is also graduating the same day. After the parties are over, Simon and Christel are moving back to Mattsmyra.
Year 45


Barbro arrives to Pinecone Dorm. She made a tattoo on her arm and on her back. Now it’s time for a new haircut, too!


Barbro cut her hair and chose History as her major, just because it’s a new path for me.


Barbro applied for membership in the Mattsmyra Greek House at Rynkbaksvägen 80. She succeeded in getting to know Ingeborg, who she didn’t know beforehand, and is now a member. Over to the House!


Barbro moved in and so did Jerry, Ingeborg’s boyfriend. Barbro asked her high school sweet heart David Sandvall to come to university and to apply for membership in the Greek House. They also found the time to fall in love in an adult way. Two bolts between Barbro and David.


When David had spent enough time as an apprentice to the Greek House, they all celebrated with a jam session and toga party, as he moved in.


David is celebrating in a different way too – by asking for Barbro’s hand in marriage. She says yes, naturally, she’s a Family sim, and wished for this. So did David actually.
David is a Knowledge sim, who wants to become a mad scientist, and is studying Mathematics. He’s a bit behind the others in his first year of college, but it doesn’t matter, he’ll catch up with them before this is over.


Ingeborg changed her ambition in life, from Romance, which didn’t suit her at all, to Popularity. That’s better anyway. Her new LTW is to become a General, the first in Mattsmyra! It also means she’s changing her major from Art to Political Science, which she has good skills for.


The year 45 ends with a toast for the future. Barbro has an 5,0 in History after 1 year, Ingeborg has a 5,0 average in Political Science after two years, and David has a 5,0 average in Mathematics after one semester. The “extra”, Jerry, has a 5,0 average after 1 year.
Year 46

Leif Hartwig arrives to Tallkotten Studentkorridor in year 46. His father Lasse drops him off.
He’s got no best friends to bring with him to Uni. Too bad, there was this girl that I would have liked to introduce to the real sim universe…


Leif is soon accepted as a member in the Mattsmyra Greek House. Let’s go there!


In the Greek House there’s always something going on. Parties all night, and pillow fights. Leif and Ingeborg are having a great time, being Popularity sims, both of them.


Year 46 ends with the first fight in the Greek house. It’s Jerry and Elmer the Llama that don’t like each other much.

Results after year 46:

Ingeborg Berg, Political Science 5.0, starting her fourth year.
Barbro Montell, History 5.0, starting her third year
Leif Hartwig, Litterature 5.0, starting his second year
David Sandvall, Mathematics 5.0, starting his third year
Jerry Wern, Political Science 4.9, starting his third year



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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: mordana666
date: Mar. 16th, 2009 08:42 am (UTC)

Despite your problems with LJ pictures, this was a great update. I sort of whizzed through college, and you made it look really fun. I'm going to play without the college adjuster from now on, simply because of this update. I've never had a toga or graduation party, and it definately adds something to the college experience.

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(no subject)

from: jungfrun68
date: Mar. 16th, 2009 10:27 am (UTC)

Thank you! Nice to hear you liked my Uni update.
I have a hard time having time to do anything in Uni! There are people who's writing novels and having 20 simultanous lovers there, and also getting everybody into the secret society and becoming Big Sim on Campus. I never have time for that!

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(no subject)

from: mordana666
date: Mar. 16th, 2009 11:39 am (UTC)

I'm one of the people who get the sims into Secret Society, get them BSOC, into the Greek House, and get their grades to the top, but never have any fun! My sims lead a point focused life at Uni, and somehow it seems sad. I'm going to play more for fun than points from now on. I loved the pictures of your sims in their Graduation gowns and Mortar boards. I've never even let my poor students have a sports party :/

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(no subject)

from: ciyrose
date: Mar. 21st, 2010 05:11 pm (UTC)

Nice Uni update. Mine always seem so buys, because they have to keep up friends, and get into the SS (of course since there are usually at least 2 others there, as soon as they make friends with them they are in...it's the first 3 sims to get in that are hard, after that it gets really easy as long as you keep sims in college and friends with each other. Mine all usually have graduation parties, which is fun, and the Greek house does have Toga parties, although I haven't thrown one in a while. Sometimes there are too many of them for me to keep up. lol...plus they are always randomly leaving to go to campus. They come back with cool stuff sometimes, but it just gets too much.

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