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Tallåsen year 43-46, Transitions

Lena Ceder is studying cooking in a supernatural speed. Must be some after-effect of the smartmilk she had when she grew up.

Sofie comes home with a flawless report card. Maria, her pregnant mother, actually pays attention.

In the evening, the baby is coming!

Popular name no 16 – Agnes, is born on September 13th ’43. Didn’t we already have an Agnes in this neighbourhood? Yes, we do. We now have three girls in tis house, with names that are already used in the village. Well, well, what can you do?

Time flies and it’s time for Sofie Ceder to become a teenager.

She keeps with the pink clothing line, and rolls an aspiration, which is Fortune. Her turn ons are stink and facial paint. Turn off is make-up.

“Granny, why doesn’t Mummy call you Mummy?” Lena asks Kim.
“Well, dear, you see, your real Granny, who was your Mummys Mummy, is not with us anymore, and since I got married to your Grandpa Magnus, I became your Granny, but not your Mummys Mummy.” Kim answers.

“That was the weirdest thing I ever heard!” Lena says. “Adults are really strange. But it doesn’t matter, as long you’re my Granny!”

Orlando gets promoted to Lieutenant and brings Loke Mattsson with him home from work. The Headmaster of the private school is coming over tonight.

The headmaster was more or less pleased with the house tour. Now dinner is served. Orlando made pork chops. Sofie is anxiously awaiting the verdict.

The headmaster is pleased. And Sofie and Lena have good grades, so they were both accepted. Orlando is also pleased

After the headmaster left, the family found time to celebrate Agnes’ first birthday.

And there she is, looking exactly like all other girl in this 'hood. She’s an 8 nice Capricorn! Märta Broberg, Sofie’s friend is attending the transition together with the family.

Orlando continues his way up the ladder and is now a SWAT team leader.

And the parents of three girls prove that they still can mange to have some fun together, even though they’ll soon be elders.

Sofie claims her first kiss from childhood friend Martin Montell, one-bolter. Better than nothing, but maybe not our ultimate choice. (Actually they flirted without me interfering, and fell madly in love, couldn’t even catch it on camera).

Orlando grows up well to elder, in the bedroom that was planned as a bathroom, thus sporting brick walls.

The young couple decides they want to go steady, and then head off in different directions.

Tallåsen after round 12:
Orlando Ceder
Maria Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Lena Ceder
Agnes Ceder

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