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Korskrogen, Monday-Friday

16 year old Inger Johansson doesn’t believe what she’s hearing when the Police call to inform her that there’s been an accident involving her parents. ”We’ve sent a team to talk to you, please stay where you are”

The officer who comes to her door doesn’t even meet her eyes.
”I’m sorry to inform you that both your parents died. They had a head on collision with a truck. Sorry for your loss, really. Is there anyone to help you out with the children, or do you want me to contact the social services?”
Inger is numb with grief.
”I… I… will contact my grandmother” she lies. The thought of loosing her siblings too is just too much to bear.

”We’ll do this together, Inger” Daniel and Maximilian, the 9-year old twins say. ”You’re so cute” Inger replies. ”I’m sure we can do this. It won’t be easy, but remember, the most important thing is school and your homework! We’ll bring in the money somehow.”

Even if she’s trying to be strong in front on the twins, Inger has never felt smaller or more abandoned than she does now. She cries in her little sister Livia’s soft red hair when the boys are out. ”How will we manage?! You poor thing, grow up an orphan… But I will never leave you!” she promises.

Wednesday night it’s time for sweet little Livia’s birthday. Inger isn’t doing so well, but her siblings are fed and clean and they did their homework. Now there might be a chance that Inger can spend some time on herself for a change, at least a couple of hours each day after school..

Thursday everybody is catching up on their homework. All four of the inhabitants have enough energy to do what they have to do. It’s about time for Inger. She would need to take a job, but her grades are just too bad for anyone to hire her.

Coming Friday, Inger got the lowest possible grades and has 5 simoleons left in the purse. She’s thanking her lucky star that she doesn’t need a nanny anymore, it just wouldn’t work economically.
She cannot afford any handy men either. But Inger is strong, she says to herself “Well, if you want something done, do it yourself”. And consequently, she’s trying to fix the toilet, while wondering how she will feed the siblings over the weekend.

Happy news of the week is the good grades of Daniel – look at him gloat!

Eventually we find that Maximilian’s grades are as good, but he’s not bragging. And the fact that he did his brother’s last assignment maybe should be kept a secret.

Livia doesn't care about grades yet. She’s playing with the doll house with her newly found friend Orlando Bergwall instead. Let’s see how long we can afford to keep the doll house. And with this harmonic picture we’re leaving Korskrogen for this round.

Inhabitants at Korskrogen after round 1:
Inger Johansson
Daniel Johansson
Maximilian Johansson
Livia Johansson

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