jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Round 12 complete

Accumulated since r11   51p
Five townies                        5p (Carita, Tessa, Elmer, Robin, Christel)
Ten babies                         10p (Hugo, Åsa, Caroline, Stina, Annika, Sofia, Vera, Simon, Noel, Engla)
Zero LTW                             0p 
Zero top career                   0p
One Sum Cum Laude       1p (Christel)
Zero Social Worker             0p
Zero Social Bunny               0p
One shrink                          -1p (Loke)
Total                                    66p

15 households + 1 University
0 deaths
10 births
3 graduations
70 sims
 (3 deceased = 67 active)

Tags: statistics

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