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Mattsgården year 47-49, Cheap Entertainment

Barbara Mattsson is fixing broken stuff around the house, after putting her latest, and last, new baby Hugo to bed.

Loke Mattsson is taking care of the couple’s eldest son, Georg. When this challenge started 46 years ago, Loke himself looked exactly like Georg here.

The old generation is still going strong. Dan and Lena are playful and loving against each other, at age 71 and 70.

Elisabeth is a good girl, doing her homework in the morning before school.

And last inhabitant at Mattsgården, but not least, Emilia Mattsson, is behaving like your typical teenager, and is on the phone with boys all the time.

Good girl Elisabeth brings home an excellent report card, and her parents are very proud.

And bad girl Emilia is ordering a date. Out of the sky falls her neighbour, and step-grandmother’s grand-child Rolf Myhr. He’s her bonus cousin, so to say, but biologically they are not related.

Emilia hasn’t really got the hang of the dating game yet. She’ll better learn if she plans to fulfil her lifetime want of woohooing 20 sims. Or, she’ll better change her aspiration in college.

At last they find something to do together, and the date ends OK.

It’s Georg’s birthday, and a lot of friends and relatives are attending the festivities

Georg looks exactly like his father Loke. He grows up well.

Hugo is growing up to toddler. The house is full of friends and relatives, as usual.

Awww, a wonderful picture of mother and son.

Barbara is teaching Hugo to talk, which he finds incredibly interesting.

Loke takes most of the family with him on a shopping trip. The family has hardly any money, but it’s enough to get Loke himself a new shirt. I wonder if this household will ever be rich.

With no money to shop for, Elisabeth finds a girl her own age to play with instead. Healthier for a 10 years old girl.

Back home again, Loke and Barbara are slow-dancing in the garden. They still have feelings for each other, for sure.

Mattsgården after round 13:
Dan Mattsson
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattsson
Barbara Mattsson
Emilia Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Georg Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson

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