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Korskrogen year 47-49, Nannies' Goldmine

Korskrogen is really busy these days, with three baby girls to take care of. There is always at least one nanny present, to keep the babies changed and fed.

In the morning we have a change of shifts, with Nanny Catrin in red skirt signing off the night shift.

Finally, Max has good grades in school. He’s chasing his biological mother Livia to get her attention. “Mom! Mom! I’ve got an A+!” he shouts.

But Livia just continues upstairs to take care of one of his sisters/cousins/whatever.

“Mom! Mom… She doesn’t want me. She never did… And now I don’t even have her name anymore.” Max thinks, and can hardly hold back his tears.

It’s the girls’ birthday. Caroline, the light brunette, Livia’s daughter, goes first.

Then Stina, the dark brunette, Sofie’s daughter.

And last, but not least, the blond Åsa, Maja’s daughter.

Livia is continuing her romancing ways. This is one of her regulars.

An ordinary Sunday morning in the madhouse of Korskrogen. Caroline is playing in the puddles from the broken shower, temporarily installed in the gym.

Stina’s play place is in the middle of the scrapped bottles, which her parents and nannies been too busy to clean off.

And the third toddler Åsa, is sitting in the puddles of the broken sink of the top-floor bathroom, waiting to be fed by the poor nanny that cannot turn around from the bathtub.

Soon her brother/cousin Max is joining her. Åsa watches him calmly, and with some amount of admiration.

We hired three nannies here, to help out with the kids. Despite that, Sofie has to take care of Stina herself, while the nannies fuzz over Livia, who’s arriving home all stinking from her job as Starter.

And the man of the house, Daniel, the husband/lover/brother/father/uncle of all the other inhabitants, didn't even get one picture in this update.

Korskrogen after 13:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson
Maja Benett
Max Benett
Caroline Johansson
Stina Johansson
Åsa Benett

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