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Roteberg year 47-49, Grievance

Susanne Berg is working on her last skill point to be able to be a celebrity Chef. Her mother Kim, and father Magnus are very interested in her progress. “Couldn’t you make us borstsj for dinner, now when you soon have maxed your cooking skill?” Kim asks.

Unfortunately it’s too late for borstsj for Magnus. He felt he wanted to come out of the house to do some good, so he signed up to be a golf caddy again in his old days.
One day of working, and when he arrived home, some special guests were waiting for him. Too bad on the wedding anniversary party Kim just invited people to.
The 28th of June ’47, Magnus Berg passed on, leaving behind his beloved three-bolt wife Kim Berg, born Thulin, his daughter Maria with husband Orlando Ceder and three grand-daughters, his daughter Susanne and his daughter Ingeborg. Magnus was 72 years old at his passing, and died in platinum. 1p for j68.

The newly widowed Kim is spending the night on the love seat in the garden, grieving her three-bolt love Magnus. She will have many years still to live on her own, she’s only 64.

Susanne was at work when the Reaper came and claimed her father. She’s naturally very sad, too. I think we’re all a bit taken aback, there have been no deaths in Mattsmyra for 28 years!

Kim is getting some consolation from her friend, and not yet (!) lover Tobias Mattsson. He treats her very carefully at the moment

“Oh My Sim! I’m fully learned in cooking!”

Kim is really sad after Magnus’ death. Who wouldn’t be after losing their three-bolt love?

After work on Sunday, Susanne invites Simon Montell over. They were lovers in college. He asked to bring a friend, and Susanne said OK.
Turns out that the friend is Simon’s new wife, who Susanne never met. She is very upset with him when she finds out. Too bad, Susanne, but you had only one bolt with him anyway.

Roteberg after round 13:
Kim Berg
Susanne Berg

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