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Letsbo year 47-49, Garden Party

Melissa Lind is reaching the top of the Athletic career, and is promoted to Hall of Famer. This was also her LTW. Mission accomplished at age 64. 2p to j68.

Allegra has started to show. She’s feeling fine, and is cooking chilli for lunch for the family.

Georg plays with his daughter Annika. “Weee!”

Soon it’s time for a birthday. Annika becomes a child

On Sunday Melissa invites the Mattsson family over, to let Annika meet some children her own age.

The play date ends up becoming a pool party. Here’s Annika, in pink, catching up with Elisabeth Mattsson.

Annika also takes the opportunity to make some money, selling lemonade to Elisabeth’s grandfather Dan.

And of course, like at any family garden/pool party, daddy Georg is barbecuing hamburgers, and mummy Allegra is doing the dishes. Annika’s little brother or sister is due in April of ’50, which is next round.

In the middle of the party, another guest arrives. It’s the headmaster Ville Walter. Allegra wants Annika to attend private school.

Well, the mission didn’t go so well. The headmaster grabbed a burger along with everybody else, but the family didn’t get any food points for that.
Then, Georg’s Lobster Thermidor didn’t get more than 6 points, since Mr Walter hardly tasted it. He was full, probably.
And Melissa’s 10 charisma points are not enough for charming the head master.
The house tour gave 41 points. A total of 47 points, that was about it. I'll go for the classical pork chops next time.

Letsbo after round 13:
Melissa Lind
Georg Lind
Allegra Lind
Annika Lind

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