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Lottefors year 47-49, Recovery

Martin and Malva Montell are struggling with their homework, and the homework of their brother Sebastian. All homework for the children needs to be done by morning, otherwise Sebastian’s grades will drop to a disasterous level, and we cannot have that with the weekend coming up.
Social worker warnings are never fun, but especially not over the weekend, when nothing can be done to remedy the grades.

The weekend is the time for socializing and making friends. Malva is talking to Agnes Myhr about her struggle to get good grades. Agnes, who always has A+ doesn't understand the problem.

Malva's cousin Max is sitting at the table, while Uncle Daniel and Aunt Sofie are walking by.

Lunchtime really looks like a daycare center. It's redhead townie Anitra, black-haired Max of Korskrogen, blond Agnes of Myren and brunette Annika Lind of Letsbo.

“Thanks, Mom, for finally teaching me how to study” Martin says, leaving his bright red aspiration behind him.
"That's alright dear, I cannot imagine that you never learned as a kid. No wonder your grades have been dropping" Inger answers.

Saturday night there’s a jamming party in the garden.
Jesper is playing lead guitar, and Loke Mattsson of Mattsgården (or is it Carita's friend Clabbe Bardh?) is backing up on bass guitar.
Anna and Martin, the teens of Lottefors, are dancing the night away.

Sunday, the breakfast table is buzzing. With an 8-person household and a lot of friends, this is how you end up.

The full house is a problem for the young couple Simon and Carita. Carita wants to marry off 6 children.
Anyway, they are practicing until the day they will be allowed to try for a baby of their own.
Simon’s siblings need to leave the house first. Or his parents need to die. University for the young ones are not to far away though, so that will probably happen first.

Lottefors after round 13:
Inger Montell
Jesper Montell
Simon Montell
Carita Montell
Anna Montell
Martin Montell
Sebastian Montell
Malva Montell

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