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Färila year 47-49, Fitness record

Lasse Hartwig is growing up well to be an elder, in between his dear skilling objects, the telescope and the easel.

All of a sudden, 0 Body point Lotta rolled a want to get a sports scholarship. She put on the thinking cap and has gained 4 body points in 2 sim hours. I’ve never seen anything like this! Has it got something to do with her 10 Active points?

Well, I must say – with my jaw dropped- that this must be a world record in fitness. From 7 PM Friday to 4 AM Saturday, Lotta worked out, gaining 9,5 body points!! She only took one break to go to the bahroom. And, she received the scholarship she wanted!

Just for fun, Lotta maxes her body skill with 15 minutes of work-out on Saturday morning.

Ida gets promoted to nurse. Maybe her working life starts to take off, finally.

Later the same day - Another promotion, to Intern

Färila after round 13:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Charlotte Hartwig

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