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SimLand University, year 47-49

Life is good in the Greek house. David Sandvall and Barbro Montell are very much in love.

And so are Ingeborg and Jerry, even though they have zero bolts. She will move out from here without him, if they don’t roll the wish to get engaged.

Ingeborg is graduating with an average of 4.8. She lost her good average after the first semester of the fourth year, she barely passed then. There was too much distraction for a while.

Barbro Montell, starts her fourth year with 5.0 in History
Jerry Wern, starts fourth year with 4.8 in Political Science
David Sandvall, second semester of third year with 4.9 in Mathematics
Leif Hartwig, starts third year with 5.0 in Litterature

Year 48

Rolf Myhr arrives to Uni. His mother Marita drops him off.

On his first day at campus, Rolf chose Drama for his major, and also applied for a membership in the Mattsmyra Greek House – Rynkbaksvägen 80. And he’s in.

Life in the Greek house gets complicated when Barbro Montell and Jerry Wern realizes they have a three-bolt attraction to each other. Barbro is already engaged to David Sandvall, who’s also living in the Greek House. What to do, what to do? Can a three-bolter be resisted? Is it really wise to resist a thing like that?

Well, with David in swim trunks, Barbro finds him too to be a three-bolter, so we’ll stick with the first husband-to-be. David really adores Barbro’s formal dress, so it’s a mutual three-bolter there too.

An ordinary Greek house toga party. One toga, and everybody is hanging in the bar. Greek house member, but not inmate, Linn, is trying to cheer everybody up.

Jerry Wern graduates with an average of 4,8. He’s moving back to Bluewater after graduation, since he didn’t hook up with a Mattsmyra girl.

Jerry is leaving Rynkbaksvägen 80 behind, to start his new life as a real playable sim back in Bluewater.

Barbro was all happy after passing her exams Summa Cum Laude, and felt like squeezing David, her fiancé (!)s butt. He was apparently not in the mood.

“You are so incredibly insensitive! You make me feel so CHEAP!! I don’t even love you anymore!” he exclaims.

“David, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I just wanted to show my appreciation of your hotness! Can you forgive me?”

“OK, OK, it’s cool, but just take it easy, I’m trying to prepare for my exams!”

1 hour later:

 “You broke the computer, you nitwit!” David exclaims. “How am I going to write my final paper?!”

“I really didn’t mean to, seriously!” Rolf answers.

David really seems to be a bit agitated with his exams coming up. And he should, he hasn’t passed minimum requirements for this last semester yet! Barbro is still on the lot, awaiting David’s final exams. Then they will move out together.

David and Barbro are leaving the Greek house together, to start their adult life back in Mattsmyra.

 Year 49

With only Rolf and Leif now living in the greek house, Rolf has time to think about dating. With the help of tht Gypsy Lady, he meets this charming lady, called Britta Davidsson.

Leif barely managed to pass his first semester of his fourth year in college. His average dropped from 4,9 to 4,6, bu he’s hanging in there.

Rolf did the opposite and increased his grades from 4,7 to 4,8. Why is it always harder in that direction?

Rolf is on a dating spree, and he thought – why not start where you stand? He asks Linn Matsson (the not related cheer leader) to go on a date with him. Apparently she wished for nothing more, and fell madly in love with him. Rolf himself had a little crush on the young lady.

The date was about to hit dream date, when Hedwig the Cow attacked Linn.

Linn won the fight, and the date continued.

The date still ends as a dream date. Good thing Linn won the fight!

Leif leaves Uni without ceremony, after passing his last exams at an average of 4,6. That leaves us with Rolf only to continue the tradition of the Mattsmyra Greek House for a couple of years, until the girls start to arrive.

 Results after year 49:

Rolf Myhr, Drama 4.8, starting his third year

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