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Hamre year 47-49, Hall of Fame

Tobias Mattsson is socializing a lot, to gain the friends he need s to get his last promotion, to reach his Liftime Want. Today, Maria Ceder and her daughter Sofie are visiting.

And he succeeds at an age of 58 years. Top of Career and Lifetime Want for Tobias, 2 p for j68!

Tobias asks Jessica, the female burglar, for a date, and she accepts. They go shopping. Georg Lind of Letsbo are stalking them, waiting for an opportunity to attack Jessica.

“Just because my job is to rob people, everybody calls me a thief. I’m so fed up with that!!” Jessica yells to the innocent Tobias. He’s just listening.

“Well, I don’t care what you do for a living” Tobias says, “Let’s just be friends. “ (Or more, he thinks, wishing to fall in love with her).

Georg freaks out. “It’s her! It’s really her, that burglar-thief lady!!”

In the hottub back home, Jessica finally shows her hair. Looking good, and playing around with Tobias.

A cozy time in the tub on Saturday night.

Tobias is using the big program, and one thing leads to another.

And the evening ends – maybe a bit different than expected… Rolf Myhr got fed up with the company and is leaving the lot.

The next day, he invites another lady. He sure is succeeding in juggling a lot of lady friends at a time.

What?! Was this the first time for you two?! How did that happen?

*checking files* Nope, it wasn’t the first time, it happened already in year 28.

“Did you meet Magnus Berg? He’s really hot!” Julia, random Mattsson-looking townie says, sitting in Tobias’ hot tub. “Yes, I did” Carla, Tobias’ lover, answers “But I heard he died”.

Yes, he did, in year 47.

“Forget about him” Tobias says. “I’m alive and kicking, and I’m gonna give you some!”

“Oh, Tobias, you’re so hot and virile!”

Hamre after round 13:
Tobias Mattsson

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