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Norrbo year 47-49, Going Indian

Daniel Mattsson and his wife Alicia are watching TV together, like any other parents of small children. Alicia did change her appearance a bit, and is now looking very Indian.

Daniel looks like he would like a beer. Or his hand got cramped in the give-bottle-position.

Their daughter Sofia is about to grow up to child tonight. Here she is, bonding with her beautiful mother in the hobby room.

“Make a wish!”

“I wish for a toy chest, and YOU could give me an aeroplane” Sofia says. Townie Märta Broberg looks surprised.

On Saturday, Alicia and Sofia are shopping, while Daniel is at work. They plan to invite some people over for dinner later.

While Alicia is buying groceries, Sofia is browsing another store. That girl sure likes clothes!

In the afternoon, the Johansson-Benett family is coming over. Sofia watches TV and talks to Max. They seem to get along, so far.

Daniel wakes Sofia up in the middle of the night, by turning on the computer in her room. She cannot go back to sleep, and starts practicing the piano. She started that training by herself as soon as she grew up, and is doing it every free moment.

On Sunday, the whole original Mattsson family is arriving to watch the game on TV. Alicia is wearing her newly bought saree. She’s coming to terms with her Indian heritage.

The relatives are staying all day, and in the night all the family is staggering to bed.

Monday we will see the family in a new house, called Holmsveden, since they got tired with this cramped house.

Norrbo after round 13:
Daniel Mattsson
Alicia Mattsson
Sofia Mattsson

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