jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Österås year 47-49, Green Charisma

Maximilian Johansson spends as much time as possible with his daughter Vera. She’s still adorable, but got stuck in a cloud of flies, despite the fact that Maximilian just gave her a bath.

Nero fell asleep in his dinner, along with visiting Loke Mattsson. He’s everywhere that man, no wonder he’s falling asleep at some point.

Nero gets promoted to Restauranteur, only one step more to go!

This was a new one! I’ve never had a toddler max a skill before. Vera sure loves her bunny head.

And now it’s her birthday. Spare Daddy Nero assists with the cake.

Saturday, as the tradition is in this community, it’s time for a play date. Vera plays Cops and Robbers with her cousin Malva Montell.

However, Vera gets bored quickly by childs games. She prefers reading a book on mechanics. She’s learning incredibly fast.

Österås after round 13:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell
Vera Johansson

Tags: österås

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