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Öljung year 47-49, Crimes of Passion

Cristopher and Thea Bardh (born Mattsson), takes some time together, rather than cleaning the bath tub. If I may say so, it’s the best priority.

Georg Lind, Thea’s childhood/college sweetheart, has not realized until now that Thea is married to another man. All this time he has been totally delusional.

It’s time for the twins’ birthdays. Let’s hope they get more of a personality then!

Cristopher gets fired for following his conscience. Well, so be it. You should go with what you believe is right!

As a compensation though, Thea gets promoted to Vice President. Simon welcomes her home and congratulates her.

Despite having the same haircut, the Bardh boys don’t look the same. On the left, with a darker skintone, it’s Simon, and on the right, with a massive nose, it’s Noel. The house is in a renovation phase, thus the plaster wall behind them.

This is becoming a common sight outside the house. Georg Lind of Letsbo kicks over the trashcan.

Georg’s mother Melissa is kicking over the trashcan

Georg’s daughter Annika steals the newspaper.

Georg kicks over the trashcan. And so on, and so on. Agnes Ceder, who came home with Simon on the schoolbus seems to wonder what’s going on at her new friend’s house.

Öljung after round 13:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Noel Bardh

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