jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Vallsta year 47-49, Make-over Mania

This is the second townie-lot in Mattsmyra

Christel Garpheden and her fiancé, (well, actually not even that) Jonas Carlzon, are taking a step ahead in their relationship. Hey, guys, lucky for you you live in Sweden, where it’s OK to live together without being married.

When that pre-nuptial activity is over with, the young couple returns to their skilling. They are both Fortune sims and have career related LTWs. Let’s see if we can get someone to fulfil their LTW before retirement age.

Here’s a close-up of newly made over Christel. Her DNA revealed that she’s actually black haired, so I brought that to be seen. She looks great with this short, black hair, and dramatically black eye make-up.

Jonas had a make-over too. He looks more executive now, but a bit slimy maybe. Oh, well, that’s the way he looks, not everyone can be classy!

Christel gets her desired promotion, to MVP, and that's where we leave off.

Vallsta after round 13:
Christel Garpheden
Jonas Carlzon

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