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Sörbo year 48-49, The Unexpected

Ingeborg Berg rolls wants about her zero-bolt college sweet-heart Jerry Wern, invites him over to her new house Sörbo (the South Homestead) and sings him a serenade. The welcome wagon are waiting to be greeted.

“Get out, you people, we’re trying to woohoo here!”

And now – the house warming smustle! Ingeborg wants to party, all the time. And she wants to be with Jerry. He’s not here at the party though, I was thinking of trying to hook her up with one-bolter Leif Hartwig – in white jacket. More than one bolt has never happened to Ingeborg.

Oops! Seems like Ingeborg has gotten herself pregnant! And we all know who the father is, it’s not like she’s been sleeping around. Time to ask Mr Jerry Wern to move in!

And he happily accepts, bringing 7.997 §.

The couple would really need some new clothes, but equipping the big house is digging to deep into their pockets already.

Jerry wanted to make Ingeborg a respectable woman, since she started to show already, but she flatly rejected him! The classical picture didn’t turn out as expected.

Expect the unexpected from Ingeborg!

Poor Jerry is devastated, he’s a Family Sim for Sims sake!

And Ingeborg, the Popularity Sim, is carelessly dancing the afternoon away.

Luckily Jerry's college friend Joel Ekström is able to cheer him up with some pillow fighting.

But not for long. He continues crying over Ingeborg's rejection, all the time.

Sörbo after round 13:
Ingeborg Berg
Jerry Wern

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