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Grusgatan 146, year 47-49, Unconventional Wedding

My first Bluewater house ever - inhabited by "townies" - that's how I always treated them

Tessa Ramirez and her daughter Engla are moving into Tessa’s parents home in Bluewater, together with Engla’s father Elmer Tång, Tessa’s college sweetheart.

Tessa’a formal dress is a bit… unconventional, but it really doesn’t matter for the ceremony.

Elmer sure likes the dress, and gives his wife THE KISS, while the guests are cheering.

And the Bride’s Mother, Lisa Ramirez, proposes the classical toast. “I say as people usually do – today, I didn’t loose a daughter, I gained a son. Welcome to the family, Elmer!”

And the limo is waiting in vain outside…

... while...

Eeeh… You’ve got a daughter, this is not your first!

It’s Engla’s birthday, and due to flu season, only the household members are allowed. Morfar Checo is attending, while Mommy Tessa is assisting with blowing out the candles.

Little Panda Engla peeking through the bamboo plant. Mommy Tessa is a bit tired.

Grusgatan 146 after round 13:
Lisa Ramirez
Checo Ramirez
Tessa (Ramirez) Tång
Elmer Tång
Engla Ramirez

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