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Runemo year 49, Conventional Wedding

Barbro Montell and her fiancé David Sandvall, the Drama King, are playing Red Hands, while waiting for the taxi to take them shopping. The clothes they are wearing right now are OK, but their everyday clothes are terrible…

Just to show you the necessity of a shopping tour.

When they’re back home, they loose no more time, but throws a wedding party immediately

And the cake gets shovelled

And the guests are having a bite, too. Including the welcome wagon.

And some smusteling, very traditional

And the limo. Yuck – weddings are boring

The only thing unconventional - Barbro refused to be traditional and takes a bubble bath instead of going with the limo.

Runemo after round 13:
Barbro (Montell) Sandvall
David Sandvall

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