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Mattsgården year 50-53, Loss of a Patriarch

Last time at Mattsgården, it was week-end. Barbara was fixing stuff around the house. Elisabeth got great grades. Emilia dated her bonus cousin Rolf Myhr. Dan and Lena were loving each other. Georg grew up well to child. Hugo grew up to toddler. Loke took the family shopping.

Despite her looks, and despite her Romance aspiration, Emilia Mattsson is a sweet big sister. Here she’s tucking her sister Elisabeth in, after putting her baby brother Hugo to bed.

Monday. Hugo is home alone with the nanny, who actually fed him when he was hungry.

And she’s making herself useful while Hugo is playing. Nanny Kim Lawson is a good one.

Lena reaches the top of the Athletic career and becomes a Hall of Famer, which was her lifetime want. 2p for j68! It only took her until she was 73…
Loke is bringing former llama Elmer Tång along with him home. Barbara changed her hair, and welcoming everybody is Emilia and her friend Sofie Ceder of Tallåsen.

"Hej Loke!" "Hej Sofie!"

Dan got a promotion too, to Judge. 

"Hej Georg!" "Hej Dan!" "Hej Dan!" "Hej Lena!" 

These greetings go on and on when everybody arrives home at the same time.

It’s Elisabeth’s birthday, and she’s growing up very well

She rolls Romance like her sister Emilia, but has got quite a sporty look. Her turn-ons are make-up and swimwear, and her turn-off is glasses. Her LTW is to become a Celebrity Chef. That one is familiar, and that we can live with.

Georg comes home with a great report card. “Dad! I got an A+!” “Great, son, but me and Farfar need to sleep. Dan dreams about Inger Montell for some reason.

Another night, another birthday. Now it’s Hugo’s turn. He grows up well.

And since it’s Hugo’s birthday, the boys are allowed up late, to break in the new bowling alley. “I thought I would get a tennis racket or something, but this is great!” Hugo says to his brother Georg.

And Loke is seeing Emilia off to the taxi, when she’s moving to Uni. She received only a scholarship for her good grades, nothing else.

 "Hejdå Emilia!"

Dan is throwing a wedding anniversary party for himself and his wife Lena. They are dancing and are having a great time.

And he plays some pranks with the innocent guests. Linn Renberg is not amused.

It’s the last moment, too, that the anniversary party is ending as a success. After the party another guest is arriving. The grim Reaper comes with his Hula zombies, gives Dan his last drink and a suitcase…

… and off he goes, leaving a platinum head stone and some spare ribs on the barbeque behind. 1 p for j68. For the spare ribs :).
Also left behind is his wife Lena, born Myhr, 6 children and 9 grand-children.

Barbara, who is now an Inventor, maxes her logic skill.

And Loke grows up very well to be an elder. Oh, my Sim, he was just a toddler when we first started out this challenge!

Mattsgården after round 14:
Lena Mattsson
Loke Mattson
Barbara Mattsson
Elisabeth Mattsson
Georg Mattsson
Hugo Mattsson

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