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Korskrogen year 50-53, Growing up well

Last time at Korskrogen, the Nannies were digging gold from this family. Max was once again rejected by his biological mother Livia. Caroline, Stina and Åsa became toddlers, further adding on to the busy feeling in this house. They were thouroughly neglected by everybody, especially the Nannies.

Nanny Kim Lawson is not happy with her employer here at Korskrogen. They’ve got no money left, and she is consequently taking their ficus as compensation.

Repairman Vidar Fagerberg isn’t too happy either, snatching the family’s ugly, but only, couch.

Max Benett (Johansson) is playing with Noel Bardh, Thea’s son, whom he brought home from school with him. Max has finally succeeded to feel better of himself. He’s finally becoming a teen tonight. All his sisters/cousins/whatever are going to grow up too. Brace yourselves, we’re in for a huge birthday party!

It starts with Sofie, growing up well to elder. Time for a new hair do I believe.

Then it’s Daniel’s turn. He grows up well, too, but into a hideous shirt.

Max grows up well to teen. His aspiration is Fortune. Turn-ons are brown hair and full make-up, turn-off is black hair. His LTW is to become a Hall of Famer.

Busy, busy, Åsa and Caroline are blowing out their candles. Stina just did, but  the camera missed her. Too much going on.

At last things calm down a bit. Caroline and Stina are playing together with the doll house.

And Åsa is watching some TV with her father Daniel. He’s also the father of Stina, and morbror (uncle) to Caroline.

Livia is spending her day off in the hottub with Caroline’s father Robin Logren, who is nowadays married to Britta Persson. Filthy cheater!

Thursday, all the girls come home with A+ report cards. Sofie’s cheering for her daughter Stina. The other mothers are busy with their own activities.
Sofie invites the head master over, to see if the girls will be accepted to the same private school as Max is already attending. Max is working on his charismatic skills, in preparation of University and life itself.

“Pappa! Guess what?! I got an A+ report card and the headmaster is coming over soon, maybe me and Caroline and Åsa will all go to private school!”

“That’s great, Stina! And I got a promotion to Medical Researcher, and I brought Simon Montell with me from work, let’s have a celebration!”

Livia suddenly turns to elder, in the middle of making dinner for the head master. She grows up very well. Robin, who’s still around, is part of the reason she transited in platinum.

The headmaster visit seems to go well. “I’m never cooking myself, I just go from house to house of people who wants to get their kids into my school” BJ says.

Private school, here we come!

Korskrogen after round 14:
Daniel Johansson
Sofie Johansson
Livia Johansson
Maja Benett
Max Johansson
Åsa Benett
Stina Johansson
Caroline Johansson

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