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SimLand University, year 50-53

Rolf Myhr goes downtown to shoot some pool with a couple of friends. Britta Davidsson is there too. She’s still hot in her PJs.

Rolf felt a bit lonely all by himself in the big Greek house, and asked his dorm mate and fellow Greek House member Allan Törnblad to move in.

Rolf throws a greek party, and fulfils his wish to be streaking. Everybody is carefully looking the other way.

Then he takes Linn to his bed. What better way to get your date score up?

And then Britta. You would think he would be a Romance sim, but he’s Pleasure. Slight difference.

Britta and Rolf are continuing their dating. When she’s in her underwear Rolf has tree bolts with her. This is probably the future Mrs Myhr. By the way, her singing voice is awesome!

And sometimes Rolf even finds the time to be studying.


Year 52

Emilia Mattsson is arriving to Campus right before Rolf is graduating. Emilia’s father Loke drops her off.

Back at the greek house, Linn found out that Rolf is dating Britta. They did nothing special – I think she’s psychic.

Moments later, Rolf asks her to write his paper, and she accepts anyway. Poor girl, she thinks she can get him back!

Linn won’t give up, cheering at the couple while they woohoo. “Ooo-ooo Gerbit!”

Rolf asks Emilia to pledge to the greek house. Hopefully her trial time will be over before he’s leaving University. He’s graduating really soon.

Emilia moved in, but went to class. Rolf is throwing his graduation party, smustling with Barbro (Montell) Sandvall and Jerry Wern. I’m not sure what happened to Rolf’s hair though. He’s graduating with 4,8 in grades. Good, but no SCL.

The party is a great success, but apparently Jerry did something Rolf doesn’t approve of.
Bye Rolf! See you back at Myren in Mattsmyra! (The reader's might recall that he's already there, but this is the tale of his last years in college)

Anna Montell grows up badly, but still arrives on Campus in a platinum mood. I don’t get it.

After her first lecture she tries to get into the Mattsmyra Greek house, and succeeds.

Back at the Greek House: Emilia never forgot Rolf Myhr, her bonus cousin. Hey, man! You're married!

And he’s easy prey. Despite her being a Romance sim, this was her very first time.

Rolf’s friend Allan is getting some too.

Anna wants some too, and orders a blind date. She gets Christer Majsholm. He’s a two-bolter, but the date is only OK. Let’s see what the future brings.

Obviously Emilia was too eager to get her first wooho, and forgot her first kiss. Se got it however, from Ronny Sehlin, two-bolter.

Emilia is reprogramming herself after year two in University. She becomes Grilled Cheese with a LTW of eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches.

She starts immediately with her goal.

Unfortunately Allan Törnblad does not graduate with Summa Cum Laude, despite his flawless record during all the four years of college. The last semester he let himself lapse in the studying department and graduated with a disappointing 4,9. He will go to Downtown to settle down.

Allan Tönblad is moving out. On the verge of year 54, we’ve got two members still living in the Greek House, namely Emilia Mattsson, with a newly aquired aspiration of Grilled Cheese, average grade 5,0 in Literature, and Anna Montell, with her newly acquired aspiration of Family, with an LTW of getting 6 grandchildren, and an average grade of 4,9 in Psychology.


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