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Färila year 50-53, Progressing

Last time at Färila, Charlotte (Lotta) Hartwig maxed her body skill in record time. Her father Lasse grew up well to be an elder. Lotta's mother Ida, daughter of Dan Mattsson, got two quick promotions in her medical career.

Since then, Lotta's brother Leif, the heir of Färila, moved back home from University and is working his way towards his goal of having 5 top-level businesses.

Leif Hartwig is developing his gaming venue, and enjoys playing poker with his customers.

His father Lasse is always striving to get more knowledge, and maxes his creativity.

Leif goes with a couple of friends to the Art Museum and has a cup of coffee. He’s also here to scan the market for potential partners. The hottest person available is the pregnant Ingeborg Berg, one bolt, so he goes home again.

Leif’s little sister Lotta is recovering from the flu, and is passing time until she can go to University in year ’54.

Back at Lilla Lokalen, Leif gets a visit from the business critic. But apparently he’s too busy talking, he doesn’t write any review.

Leif met Maja Benett at his place, and found her hot. Now they’re getting to know each other. “No, I don’t have kids, I don’t want any either” Leif says to Maja, who's got an adopted son and a daughter out of wedlock.

Maja falls in love with Leif. Wonder where this will lead us? She lives with her lover and his wife (!) at Korskrogen at the moment.

Leif’s parents Ida and Lasse are constantly seeking knowledge, caring for little else.

Ida is fixing the TV. That’s the advantage of having maxed your mechanical skill, you don't need repair men.

Leif gets his first kiss from Maja Benett at age 28. Amazing!

Färila after round 14:
Ida Hartwig
Lasse Hartwig
Leif Hartwig
Lotta Hartwig

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