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Roteberg, Monday - Friday

When Magnus Berg’s wife left him and his young daughter Maria, they moved in with his father Hugo Berg at the family farm Roteberg. Magnus has had a few women since then, but no one steady, and no one he presented to Hugo or Maria.
We recognize Hugo since the days at Myren. He’s now thinking about if he should invite Berit Myhr over and ask her to stay for good.

Hugo invites Berit over and falls to his knees immediately and asks: ”Berit Myhr, will you do me the honour of marrying me and become Mrs Berg?” ”Oh, Hugo! You’re such a romantic! Yes please!”

After Hugo put the ring on her finger Berit starts to wonder if this was really such a good idea. She feels a bit closed up in a way by being engaged, she has been free all her life.

Hugo on the other hand is happy and is beamingly entertaining his guests. He has already started to plan a proper wedding. And he thinks that a well-kept wife at his side will be good for his career.

The friends are gathering at the ceremony. The weather is fantastic. Everybody is grabbing their handkerchiefs. 

Why is it that Berit always closes her eyes when taken a photo? The couple are presenting their vows and Berit is moving in as Mrs Berg, bringing 75 simoleons. Well, Hugo didn’t take her for the money obviously. And Berit didn’t run from the scene.

The successful wedding party is finished when the nice couple leaves for their honey moon in a black, shiny limousine. Magnus and Maria are left with the dishes.

After the first day of working as a caddy, when the CEO of Landgraab is hit by lightning, Magnus gets promoted (or sacked upwards?) to gas station attendant. He just accepts the change with a straight face.

He invites Dan Mattsson over, their are getting friends. Dan is bringing Wanda Meckare, who gives Magnus one compliment after another. Magnus is flattered, but Dan is watching with wide eyes. ”Isn’t Wanda married?!”

Maria brings with her Orlando Bergwall from school. He’s babbling about space trips and astronaut suites. ”Shut up” Maria says, ”I want to watch Simelodeon!”

All of a sudden there is a guy looking like Olof Palme sitting on the couch at the Berg residence. Nobody invited him, nobody even knows him. He just came in, used the bathroom, hit the couch and is now watching TV.

Wednesday morning all members of the new family is having breakfast together. It looked so sweet that I had to take a picture.

Magnus got promoted to a job as convenience store clerk. He’s as indifferent to this promotion as to the earlier one, lying around on the light couch in his dirty coveralls. At least Olof Palme went home.

The first time Magnus shows some emotion is when Maria comes home with top grades on Thursday. Maria herself is quite untouched by the news, she thinks her father should take shower.

Hugo is inviting the neighbours to a wedding anniversary, and at the same time Berit is promoted at work. She’s working in the Cooking career again. Excellent opportunity for a bowl of champagne! And with this, five eventful days are at end at Roteberg.

Inhabitants at Roteberg after round 1

Berit (Myhr) Berg
Hugo Berg
Magnus Berg
Maria Berg
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