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Österås year 50-53, Creating Opportunity

Last time at Österås, Maximilian and Nero worked hard. Vera maxed her charisma as a toddler and gre up very well to child. She was mostly studying, except an occasional playdate with her cousins.

This time, everything worth noticing seem to happen at night, so, sorry about the dark pictures

It’s time for Vera to start stargazing. Maybe she’ll find the place where she came from. I really hope that this young lady will roll Knowledge when she grows up.

Maximilian grows up well to be elder, when arriving home from work on Monday.

Nero earns his last Creativity point playing the base guitar. Just a few more skills to be able to get promoted.

“Pappa, Pappa! I got excellent grades!”
”Good, Vera! Way to go! Now help me with these bonbons.”

Maximilian maxes his Cooking skill

Nero is maxing his Cooking skill too.

Vera is playing with Annika Lind. She’s wishing for friends all the time, and these two seem to get along fine.

Maximilian gets promoted to Executive Chef. Vera hugs her father to welcome him.

And Nero is promoted to Celebrity Chef, thus achieving his Lifetime Want and Top of Career. 2 p for j68! Nero is 62 years old and will have a Platinum mood for the rest of his life. Congratulations Nero! Now his new LTW is to have 20 simultaneous loves. Forget it!

Vera learns to study. That will help her in her future life!

Österås after round 14:
Maximilian Johansson
Nero Montell
Vera Johansson


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