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Tallåsen year 50-53, Week of Records

Last time at Tallåsen, a Korskrogen drama was on display on the front lawn. The week-end guests were using the family beds for both playing and sleeping. Agnes and Lena had their birthdays.

The sisters Lena and Sofie Ceder have never been very close. They are trying now when Lena became teen, to connect. Unfortunately they’ve got completely different points of views regarding the oil industry, so at the moment the relation isn’t improving.

Their mother Maria is playing some kicky ball with her lost friend Evert Myhr. They nearly ended up together in their youth, but fate wanted otherwise for them. The new neighbour Solveig Svensson is watching the game closely.

In the evening hours little sister Agnes gets help with her homework from the girls’ father Orlando.

Maria celebrates a belated happy birthday on Tuesday morning. She grows up very well, and can now plan for her lifelong dream, to celebrate Golden Anniversary.

She only needed to make the invitation for the party, and her LTW was completed. Reaching her goal at age 54, it’s a new Mattsmyra record. Congratulations Maria! 1p to j68!

Her new LTW is to get 6 grandchildren. It’s up to you now, Sofie and Lena. And little Agnes, of course.

The party goes great with dancing and eating

And the next day, Agnes comes home with an A+ report card.

Sofie takes a little rare time off to meet her boyfriend Martin Montell. They’ve got two bolts. She’s the heir to this house and he’s not for his, so it could be a good match for the future. He’s two years younger than her though, so let’s see. Maybe Lena would like him too?

At the moment she doesn’t have time for boys though, working out like crazy. She really loves the treadmill, and has been on it for six hours, gaining six body points.

Sofie is calling University to check her scholarships. She’s leaving in the morning. She’ll get four scholarships – for grades, communication, hygiene and mechanics. It’s another Mattsmyra record! Way to go, Sofie!

Tallåsen after round 14:
Orlando Ceder
Maria Ceder
Sofie Ceder
Lena Ceder
Agnes Ceder

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