jungfrun68 (jungfrun68) wrote,

Ovanåker year 50-53, Another man's bread

Last time this couple lived at Svedja, but moved to Ovanåker at the end of the round. Jack got a promotion, Stella was studying and they arranged a poker night.

Stella Mattsson and her live-in boyfriend Jack are furnishing their new home at Ovanåker (Upper Field) in an exclusive way. The dominant colour is blue. Conveniently enough, Stella’s father Dan leaves her a considerable heritage when he’s passing on.

Then the couple goes for an outing with some friends and seizes the opportunity to have some public woohoo.

Then Stella goes home to max her Cooking skill.

Time really flies – the last CAS-toddler is now an elder. Stella grows up well, way to go!

Jack is fixing the computer that Stella is always breaking. I don’t know how she’ll be able to ever finish her novel, when the computer is never working.

Ovanåker after round 14:
Stella Mattsson
Jack Kjellen

Tags: ovanåker

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