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Öljung year 50-53, One CEO, One Average

Last time at Öljung, the twins grew up well to children. Thea got caught "cheating" by Georg Lind, who never stopped loving her, despite himself being married and having children with another woman. That way the Öljung-Letsbo vendetta started, and all Georg's family members were constantly kicking the trash can over.


The Bardh family is sick with the flu, and some food poisoning too. Thea, daughter of Dan Mattsson and Lena Myhr, just lost a chess game and wishes to win a fight (!) against her opponent. Soar loser I believe.

Also note that Georg Lind is here without kicking over the trashcan or stealing the newspaper. Kim Berg is visiting too, probably for the last time…

Despite being sick Cristopher gets promoted to Hypnotist.

When the boys, Simon and Noel, are arriving home from school, the house is empty. They didn’t have any need for a nanny before, since their father worked nights, and now, no one remembered to hire one.

Luckily, Simon is able to call the agency himself, hopefully it was on time. While waiting he’s taking care of the dishes from breakfast. Maybe he should have hired a maid too.

Thea arrives home at the same time as the nanny arrives. The boys are still here. That’s good!

Thea was also promoted to President of the Company. Yay!

The next day Thea is promoted to be the Company’s youngest female CEO ever, only 37 years old. She might have a chance to reach her goal of becoming a Business Tycoon before she retires.

Cristopher is promoted to Medium, or Average, as my Swedish game likes to call it. Congrats on being average, C!

Öljung after round 14:
Thea Bardh
Cristopher Bardh
Simon Bardh
Noel Bardh

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