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Storfallet year 50-53, An Affair Affects the Business

Last time at Storfallet, Britta Persson and Robin Logren got married and had a big wedding party with enormous amounts of drinks, like always in Sweden. They opened a home business which is a gym/karaoke bar in their garden. Konrad Platz, their room mate had a small supporting role only.

Even though the home gym seems to be popular, the level of the business isn’t rising at all. It might have something to do with the blank look on Robin’s face after a few drinks. He does little else than drink, and long for a baby.

His wife Britta is however not in baby-making mood most of the time. It’s hard to believe that this is a three-bolt couple. A natural three-bolt!

Room mate Konrad Platz lives his own life, on the edge of social isolation. A visit from the Social Bunny was only moments away before he found the phone and called college friend/sweetheart Christel Garpheden

Sometimes the three-bolt couple does spend time together. Drinking. Cheers!

Britta is invited by Livia Johansson to an outing. Now she’s having dinner with the ageing group of Johansson siblings. Daniel the Bigamist to the left, Livia the Man-eater to the right and Inger the Baby-machine on the opposite side of the table.

Another interesting circumstance is that Britta’s three-bolt husband Robin, is the father of Livia’s daughter Caroline. Of course Britta doesn’t know that, or she might have had problems with this outing group.

Britta made friends with Livia and gave her free admittance to the home venue. Maybe that was a mistake. Now Livia is drinking with Robin, who hasn’t forgotten her.

It seems as even Konrad’s love life is taking off, with college friend Kerstin Tidholm. He dumped his earlier prospect Karla Berglöv, who actually looks exactly the same, only with black hair.

The home venue got a loyalty star and Konrad got laid at the same time. Excellent combination!

Ooops! Robin (or was it me) forgot that Livia was in the house. This can be ugly! And bad for business.

She slaps him good!

Then she complains to the business owner Britta about this terrible establishment where her lover cheats with another woman (his wife, the business owner, remember?). Imagine this happening IRL :D

“Sorry ma’am that our humble business didn’t meet up to your standards” Britta apologizes. *hahaha* j68 laughs her head off, still imagining this happening in real life.

“But on the other hand, he IS my husband” Britta adds, a little more confidently

“Grrr! He’s the father of my daughter!” Livia hisses furiously.

Britta ignores, or represses, what she just heard. Livia: Minus-minus business loyalty.

Livia refuses to go, following Bitta around, ready to poke her.

“Here, take 50§ and let’s forget about the whole thing!”

“Okej, okej, temporary truce!” + +

Robin gets promoted to Con Artist and seems very pleased with it.

The supporting room mate actor Konrad, in his business hair, asks Kerstin to move in, and she does, bringing 10.000 simoleons. Kerstin is a Knowledge sim with a LTW to become a Criminal Mastermind. Her starsign is Pisces. 1 p to j68!

Storfallet after round 14:
Britta Logren
Robin Logren
Konrad Platz
Kerstin Tidholm



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