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Sörbo year 50-53, Welcoming Gerd

Last time at Sörbo, Ingeborg Berg got pregnant by her zero-bolt boyfriend Jerry Wern. He moved in and wanted them to get married, but Ingeborg unexpectedly turned him down. Jerry spent the rest of the update crying while Ingeborg partyed.

Ingeborg is entertaining herself with some smustling when Jerry is at work. The baby is due any hour now.

Jerry is soon getting rid of his silly uniform, since he just was promoted to Cartoon Voice.

The next morning comes, and Ingeborg is still pregnant. She’s overdue! If nothing happens until lunchtime we’ll have to start the labour manually.

At 6 PM the baby decides it’s time to make an entrance. Finally!

On the 6th of June ’51 a girl is born. She gets Common name no 86 – Gerd and she looks very much like both of her parents, since they have the same colours.

Jerry is a very happy father and plays a lot with little Gerd. He wishes to graduate three children from university, so this zero-bolt couple better try again.

In an effort to make herself more attractive to Jerry, Ingeborg changed her looks. He likes glasses, so she bought a pair.

Jerry is changing his looks too, and walks around in his underwear, to adapt to Ingeborg’s preferences. With these changes we succeed to get the couple up to one bolt.

On Saturday the social couple is inviting friends and family to a gathering.

Jerry seizes the opportunity and proposes to Ingeborg again. This time she says yes.

They proceed immediately to the marriage act, but look at this relations panel. Poor Jerry is marrying the wrong woman! He’s got three natural bolts with Barbro (Montell) Sandvall. Sorry Jerry, she’s taken. She chose another three bolter in college, remember?

Yay! Congratulations! And the bride’s elderly mother Kim is applauding the most of all.

Jerry celebrates the occasion by hitting his three-bolter over the head with a pillow.

In combination with the wedding, the little family is also celebrating Gerd’s first birthday

A cutie, as all toddlers are. Her sign is Pisces and she’s very nice and outgoing.

Mormor Kim is giving Gerd her first bath, and starts the bonding process immediately.

The Bardh boys find wedding parties tiresome, and use the hosts’ bed for a while.

See you soon again, have a nice honeymoon!

Sörbo after round 14:
Ingeborg (Berg) Wern
Jerry Wern
Gerd Berg

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